Today's Harvest =)

Sometimes I crave for chocolate. I think that's normal. Don't you??
Who doesn't like- No, no wait!- LOVE chocolate??
I know 2 people. I think they are weird.

Whatever. I love it.
I like my chocolate pure.
No hazelnuts, no pistachios, no nothing.
Pure bitter chocolate. Or milk chocolate, sometimes..
Okay, okay- Nutella is fine too. Without bread- spoonfull :)

But you know my favourite?
Chocolate cakes or muffins or cupcakes- fresh out of the oven!

Guess what? I craved for chocolate all day today!
So, I baked one ! :)
It was the best cake I've ever baked. And one of the best I've ever tasted. Proud of me.
I stole the recipe from Cafe Fernando: or in Turkish:
I skipped the sauce though. I didnt have guests to serve it so, what's the point?
But I had a huge slice- yummm!

While waiting this babe to get ready (cooking time is around 50 min)
I cooked some stuffed bell peppers (dolma). One of my favourite easy dinners. I wont have to make dinner when I come home tomorrow, yaaaaay :)

Now I'm going to bed with a full stomach and a smiling face.
Oh my god, that cake is really good!

Sweet dreams,



Joel Robuchon: The French Chef of one of my favourite restaurants in the world!

to buy the book:

Julia Child's Masterwork! Cant look forward to meet her!
Set of 2 books: Mastering the Art of French Cooking Volume 1 and 2

supposed to be one of the best cookbooks! just wanna hold it in my hands!!

The world best restaurant in 2 years in a row! and their book!
one of my favorite cuisines and cities: Danish Cousine and Copenhagen!

I simply adore her blog! I am sure I'll fall in love with her bok too!

only available for pre-order:

still didnt get the chance to get this babe! :(
as mentioned before: "bible of baking"!