Breakfast for 3!!

Although its a workday, I was craving for something sweet, so I made myself pancakes!
And I had my everyday company watching:)

pancakes with maple syrup,lychees or even better: with Mom's cherry jam: my favourite =)
Tea forte: my favourite teabags! (you can find them in Continuum İstinye Park)
and dried fruits&nuts at the back! (Mom's morning advice !)
my handsome(!) company
and finally: my best company of all times!
She wont take her eyes off the table, not even for the pic! =)
Hope your day started as good as mine!

Time to get to work, see ya =)

6 yorum:

  1. It ain't nice while your 4th company starves to death here:)

  2. i believe there is plenty of food in your hotel! all you have to do is wake up and go downstairs ;)

  3. Bloğuna bayıldımmm.
    Sevgiler canım..:))

  4. ben bunu kacirmisim! Cok sekermis! Bodozun surat ifadesi tam yemelik. bi de arkada masa ustunde, Kansas kesme tahtasini da gozden kacirmadim :)

  5. evet evet Kansas hediyemizi zevkle kullanıyoruz efenim :)
    Bodoz sabahları tam uyanamadıgı için böle şapşal şapşal bakıyo pek tatlı oluyo hakketten :)