Thailand Memoirs

It was my first time in Far East, and it was my best vacation ever!
Here are some snapshots before details are ready to come ;)

Best noodles ever, all kinds of shells, good seafood that costs nothing!, local night market, elephant trekking in the jungle, monkeys, exotic birds, longtail boats, most beautiful beaches and sunset, the pure-white-soft-warm sand, Sofitel!, lots of dim-sum and satay, sweet Thai people!

And best of all: Open Water Dive (not me! I just snorkelled, maybe next time =)

And many more to come!!

nite nite

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  1. cok seker fotolar bunlar. tam tadimlik;) daha fazla detay bekliyorum, gitmedigim bir yer cunku. pek merak ettim hem yiyip ictiklerini, hem de gorduklerini. Cupcake bir haftasonu diliyorum;)