Flatbread for Dinner

I am not a baker. But I want to be one when I grow up!
I have a long way to go since I own a decent oven for only 3 months now.
I keep on trying stuff and today I made myself dinner using my oven :)
Trials until the "man of the house" comes back...

It's a very easy recipe, all I did was add some smoked salmon, some rocket, capers and ricotta cheese on top!

dough prepared with flour, baking powder, rosemary, salt, water and virgin olive oil

After baking the flatbread for 7-8 min, I added the topings and put it back in the oven for a few more minutes, so  my dinner was ready to eat in about 20 min in total =)

Who says baking takes time? 


Long after I was finished with my dinner, there was still someone around the table! 
Falling asleep while waiting for breadcrumbs to fall! 

Isn't she too cute?!

with love,

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