Hong Island, Krabi-THAILAND

Welcome to the day we met heavenly waters of Thailand!

A day trip to Hong Island by speed boat: We are in HEAVEN just in 10 short minutes!

We had an entire day todo whatever we wanted: kayaking, swimming, snorkelling, picnic, a walk inside the jungle, and we did it all!!

But first, as all moms say, you need a strong breakfastto start the day =)

We are ready to leave:

And there we are: 

Our company at the picnic lunch:

Finally: Lunch time! We need food after all those hours under the sun!

Some snorkelling

At the end of the day we had a surprise!!

Look at the picture carefully!!

We came across this scary creature while kayaking! Looked like a giant snake ar first sight but then we saw the crocodile-like arms and legs! 
After, we were old its a "komodo dragon"!! Even the name is scary enough for me!
We got really close to take these pictures, and some point I started screaming =)

Thats enough adventure for one day!

will be back with more posts, less adventure:)


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  1. amanin dinazor mu gordunuz! deniz bole sahane olumca dinazorlar bile yasamaya devam ediyo demek ki :)))